Cellulite Reduction

G5 is an extremely effective way to treat cellulite by breaking down the pockets of stored fat.

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G5 Massage

Compared to surgery and injections, G5 is far safer, less expensive and the results achieved in less time.

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G5 is only one of many treatments that Bonne Beauty offer.

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G5 is a natural weight loss treatment, which breaks down stubborn fat in your thighs, bottom and stomach.

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G5 is the latest technology in body slimming massage treatments and is known internationally for deep tissue massage and cosmetic benefits for those wishing to improve the contour of their skin.

What is G5 Massage?

The G5 massager is a mechanical massaging machine that uses unique therapeutic actions that go much deeper than the therapist can to stimulate deep blood flow and circulation. It provides deep cleansing to the muscle tissue, removing the toxin build of lactic acid and expels carbon dioxide.

You have to experience G5 massage to believe the results as benefits can be seen after the first treatment.

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principles of g5

Using one of the G5 applicator heads, experience the innovative simultaneous vibration and percussion movement to increase the venous flow and nutrition to the skin and underlying tissue whilst stimulating the blood circulation. The system produces three movements at once, a feat virtually impossible by any other method, or indeed by hand.

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