G5 Massage

G5 Massage is a mechanical massager that goes much deeper than the therapist can, with different applicator heads used to mimic different massage techniques.

G5 is excellent for toning, increasing circulation and to aid in the breakdown of fatty deposits and cellulite. It is particularly good for back, shoulders, thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach.

G5 is non-surgical and non-invasive, there is no recovery time and you can return to daily activities immediately. It is also far safer, less expensive and the results are achieved in less time compared to surgery and injections.


• Breaks down fatty deposits and cellulite
• Gently smooths the skin texture
• Improves blood circulation and increase blood flow
• Excellent for toning and general cleansing of the body tissues
• Accelerates lymphatic drainage of trapped toxins/wastes
• Excellent for reducing excess tissue fluids
• Assists with weight loss and detoxing
• Relieves muscle cramps and muscle spasms
• Provides deep massage to relax tight muscles
• Increases flexibility and mobility
• Helps mobilize and flush out lactic-acid build-up in muscles
• Helps with exfoliating the skin
• Promotes relaxation and better sleep
• Aids the success of liposuction if used both prior and post-surgery

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